Please read our Terms & Conditions

  • To act responsibly and observe safe cycling practice and obey the provision of the Road Code.
  • That we will take all necessary steps to avoid damage to the bicycle and agree to pay for all and any such repairs or damage or loss as may arise whilst the bicycle is under hire to us. Any such losses may be debited to your credit card to the amount stated on the pricing for damage list.
  • If the bicycle is returned after the agreed time a further hireage fee becomes payable which can be debited to your credit card.
  • To be over 18 years of age.
  • Must have photo ID.
  • It is acknowledged that riding this bicycle may involve risk of injury to myself, passengers or other person or property and I undertake to be responsible and liable for any such damage, loss or injury to any person how so ever arising
    indemnify the hirer for any injury to any party arising from use of the bicycle.
  • To not take bikes on board walk.
  • To not disconnect the gps device.
  • To be courteous to traffic and pedestrians.
  • To allow Indi Bikes Ltd to use photos of you on the bikes.